Our Business Working for You

Welcome to our website! 

Our business is dedicated to offering you the best real estate and property that New Mexico has to offer.  We buy, sell and develop real estate in the Valenica, Socorro and Chaves Counties, mainly focusing our interests in the southern regions of  New Mexico.  The majority of our properties are zoned for either Industrial or Commercial uses, but we do have Residential zoned properties that would be perfect for housing developments.

The properties we own are what we would consider "raw" land and are ideal for development on a clean slate.  Our properties in Tierra Grande (south of Belen, NM) have been masterplanned for Industrial and Commercial development.   If you are looking for land for a solar development or for a manufacturing plant, we have large pieces of coheasive land to either sell or lease.  Please explore our website to see what may interest you or contact us directly to let us know what you are looking for and approximately what price range and we will  work with you to see which of our properties best match up to your requests.

We look forward to hearing from you!